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How much would an oc commission be? If open at all?
Thu Mar 20, 2014, 3:53 PM
Thanks for the watch! :)
Mon Sep 16, 2013, 3:20 PM
Cute Mituna Scalemate~!
Wed Dec 26, 2012, 7:39 PM


Princess Celestia Stamp by Kevfin .:request:. DisLestia Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Diamond Tiara Stamp by jewlecho Cheerilee Stamp by jewlecho Zacharie Stamp by ChibiChibiSha My Hijab My Choice Stamp by spring-sky niqab by wellandbrothers Atheist-Coexist Stamp by Monishii Atheist is Not a Bad Word by stampystampy I swear a lot - stamp by Noiry Healthy vegan stamp by dazza1008 Lesbian Pride Stamp by Arcticwaters Stamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerek Cronkri Stamp~ by ThePrincessOfChaos vriska and feferi by Orgasmic-Scream Orphaner Dualscar Stamp~ by ThePrincessOfChaos Shota and Loli Stamp by bucchigiri Lolicon Stamp by Twilight-Witch Stamp - Porn and rules by foxlee Foreskin by Seitar Woman not a Womb by Seitar Stamp: Legalize 2 by 8manderz8 Deco Stamp! by Arlouette Lawful Evil stamp by evilblackbunny Slytherin Stamp by smileystamps Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassin Request: Sunset Shimmer x Trixie - Stamp by Indolent-Doodle


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So, Catty is direly hurting for money to fix her sewing machine and right now I can barely pay rent let alone have enough for that. SO, is there any premade items people might want to see? That they would be willing to buy? 

12 deviants said No, sorry :(
12 deviants said Yes! (comment)
10 deviants said Maybe (comment)

Happy Easter!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 5:22 PM

Never get tired of all these updates, eh? Still no word on my machine but my new parts came in the mail so I should be able to resume work more steadily on commissions Monday.
I had my interview with the call center this morning (as some of you may know I've been in dire need of supplementary income). It went horribly. I couldn't have fucked it up more if I tried. It's made me seriously worry if I can handle call-center work at all with my anxiety.  I like taking care of people, I think I'd be great in food service or something customer oriented like that, but I clearly need a face to talk to, doing anything over the phone just throws my anxiety even further over the roof. But they still moved me on to the next phase (but from what I've heard of call centers, if you have a pulse they'll hire you). I got to try not to mess up my next interview which I won't be able to set up until they process me which could take 3 days or 2 weeks. I also have to decide if I want to get on board for a part time or full time project. I'm really torn about this but I won't go into detail here, I'll save that for a later Tumblr post. I'll be on full time hours for the 4 weeks of training so I'm going to do my best to finish as many trade and commission items before that point because after it I'll have less time. Still have a goal of 1.5 months to finish the queue.
I think that's all I have to report on so far. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend rather or no you celebrate. 

  • Listening to: Homestuck Vol 8
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Drinking: Shit tons of cranberry juice

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Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
Name: Catalina or Y-chan depending on how you know me/met me.
Age: 25
Location: Nebraska
Alignment: Lawful Evil (erring on the side of neutral, faaaaaaaar into the lawful end)
Personal beliefs: None. Unitarian.
Quadrants: Ashen, Pale. I will never have an effective redrom and I'm too black for the world to have committed blackrom.
Dreamer: Prospit
Land: Land of Entrails and Reach. (...ew.)
Class: Thief of Blood (no this doesn't make me a vampire, it means I steal loyalties to use for myself)
Favorite food: potatoes, beans, onions, garlic
Favorite thing: Dualscar, obnoxious colors
Favorite color: This changes a lot. I say it's pink or green but in reality it's probably yellow. Yellow is both my least favorite and most favorite color.
Hated colors: Orange. Fucking hate orange.
Favorite thing to make: Character scalemates and pony manes
Favorite pony: Cheerilee
Favorite Monster High student: Cleo de Nile
Favorite Homestuck troll: Alpha: Kankri, Beta: Varies, Ancestor: Dualscar
Kid: Alpha: None. I hate all of them nearly equally. Beta: John
Guardian: Bro
Sprite: Jaspersprite
Exile: BQ
Disney Princess: Cinderella
Secrets: I'm terrible at keep other people's secrets. I thrive on provable gossip (no bs gossiping). I live very out loud.

Additional: I do abide by hijab standards of modesty despite being an atheist.

irregularNotation. Unknown name (starts with an A). Lilac blooded swamp troll. No known quadrants, reclusive. Grenadekind. Refuses to use a sylladex. Prospit dreamer. Land of Strings and Opposites. Prince of Void (?). Dead.

Sunshine Sprout. Earth Pony. Garlic cutie mark. Gardener, foalsitter. Very cranky temperament. IN in the pony universe (?).

Strawberry B!tchcake. Earth Pony. Me as a pony. Doesn't talk about work. Censor bars cutie mark. Fondness for chickens. Sarcastic, usually angry/annoyed.

Current Projects

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo Heart Pillows -- Fabric here
Shredder -- Patterning
Pocketed Plush (KeiTa) -- not started
Chryssalis -- Patterned, sewing up try 2
Beetlejuice and Lydia face pillows -- secret XD
Discord Hat -- Not started

Pinkie and Derpy Beanie and Flutterblob -- Pieces cut, partially sewn
Davesprite -- 0% (pattern lost in move)

Fantroll scalemate -- 0%
Lil Cal -- 0%

Personal projects:
Too many to list

Chryssalis (extra)
Flutterbat beanie

If I'm forgetting anything let me know. I know there's a lot I'm forgetting, I usually do >_<


My birthday badge


Commission Information and FAQ

I keep getting asked about my prices/policies so I'm going to buckle and post them publicly. This is subject to change.

1. What can I make?
I don't specialize in any one type of plush. I love new challenges but reserve the right to refuse something I find too far beyond my skill level. I do not offer MSPA plushes aside from fan-trolls and fankids. My favorite thing to make is pillows.

1b. My plush got a tear/a seam popped open! What do I do?
I can fix it if you're willing to ship it out or I can walk you through how to fix it. Even if you have no sewing experience, minor repairs are really straight forward and good to learn how to do as a plushie parent. I'm always happy to help in the most cost efficient way for both of us but really I offer lifetime warranties on my plush. I expect plushes to be well loved and I'm always happy to help fix wear and tear as it occurs :)
2. What materials do I use?
Glacier and Northern lights fleece and 3mm pile minky are my most common fabrics. I do NOT use fireside, anti-pill, or blizzard fleece because I absolutely despise their texture. Yes, fleece items WILL pill over time, it's inevitable but I'd rather let them have some time unpilled instead of buying my fabric "pre pilled" like the other fleeces virtually are. I stuff my items with poly pellets and polyfill. My plushes are usually stuffed medium-firm to extra firm depending. Beanies are stuffed lighter to make them floppy. As for thread, I don't stick to any one brand. I do NOT buy cheap, however. I only buy from reputable companies.

3. What machines do I use?
My sewing is done on a Singer Protege and my embroidery (not including applique) is on a Brother SE-400. I digitize some of my own embroidery but usually I buy from SoapyBacon and EthePony until I can afford my own copy of Embird.

4. What patterns do I use?
I draft my own patterns. I do not sell my patterns.

5. Do I do requests?
Yes, but being a 3D artist that doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means. For starters, I LOVE new ideas so I don't mind people giving me ideas! It doesn't mean I'm actually going to do them, though, keep that in mind. Furthermore, I RARELY give the plush away to the person who requested it. They can pay for it, but unless I'm doing a giveaway (which I will be soon) I do not give items away EVEN IF YOU DREW THE DESIGN OUT FOR ME. I'll credit you for the design but I don't usually give my things away. It's just too costly for me in terms of shipping. So please, if you want to request something bare this in mind!

6. I don't like you. You're a bitch.
Yes. Yes I am. No one's asking you to stick around.

7. Why did you report me to WhatPumpkin?
Likely because you were selling something Andew Hussie has EXPRESSLY asked us not to tell. Creating these items is fine but the sale of MSPA 3D items or 2D prints is strictly forbidden without Andrew Hussie's permission. This includes cosplay (even used) items. If you'd like links to the original posts detailing the specifics I'm happy to send them. I do not go out of my way to find rule violators, but I DO report them when I see them and I DO inform every con I attend's artist alley and vendor head about these rules so they can properly police the merchandise. If I see you selling illegal items at a con I will photograph your table and send it in. I'm sorry but under the table sales are not kosher either. PLEASE BARE IN MIND THERE ARE LOOPHOLES such as color zodiac signs if not advertised as Homestuck names. It's a poor loophole to take advantage of but it's technically legal. Please do not report these people.

8. Why do you always tell people to have a wonderful day?
Because I genuinely want people to have a good day? I mean if you're hell bent on having an awful day than I'm sorry I offended you and you may, of course, correct me! But otherwise be it online or in person, however informal the situation I try to remember to tell everyone I hope they have a wonderful day. It reminds people that someone out there actually gives a shit and wishes them the best. The world needs more of that.

9. Why "Prince of Rage"?
Well, before there was a really wonderful in depth quiz for determining your god tier and before Kurloz was even a character my group were coming up with tiers and prince of rage had a nice ring to it (though to be honest I'm more of an heir or page of rage XD). So I used it for my DA account here. Later I officially became a Thief of Blood but PoR stuck here. And then Kurloz became a character and I guess I stole his title for my username XD

Additional details:
I AM an occasional smoker, but I only smoke outside. I wash my hands after handling cigarettes so it's unlikely a plush will somehow acquire any smoke. But you can make your own decision there.
I DO have pets. While I try to keep my fabric and sewn items away from them, pet hair gets everywhere. I try to clean up pet hair from any items as best I can but inevitably some will be left. If you are very very allergic you need to let me know in advance so I can set up a temporary work space away from the animals to try to reduce the chance of contamination.
Everything is machine sewn with the exception of finishing details and SOME applique which I do by hand.

Commission Policies:
1. For orders under $100 payment must be received in FULL before work begins. You are not on my schedule until you pay. I will not hold spots.
2.For orders over $100 you may pay in installments as agreed upon by both you and I. Work begins after the first $100 is received and/or enough to cover the materials, whichever is more.
3. I am NOT responsible after I have posted the item for shipment. If the mail carrier looses the package, it's not my fault. All my items come with $50 insurance. If your package gets lost, that's all I can guarentee back to you if you live within the US. You CAN ask for additional insurance, but that cost will be passed on to you.
4. Orders paid for with PayPal or Square have an additional fee.
5. Money orders and checks sent via the mail are not my responsibility. If the money order/check is lost on its way to me the order will not be continued with until it is received. To help combat this PLEASE keep your order stub or get tracking on your letter.
6. Turn around time varies. Holiday seasons are always much slower. 2 weeks AT LEAST is needed for small items. I usually require 1-2 months advance notice of the order.
7. Local people can pick up their order in person if they'd like to forgo the shipping fees but I will not deliver the item myself to your door. Unless maybe bribed with cookies..maybe..
8. I RARELY post images of a finished commission before it arrives at its new home. I don't like spoiling the surprise :B

Refund policy:
I don't offer refunds on completed plushes. You do have to pay to get on my schedule at all, but if there's a long wait time and you want to cancel your order you may do so ONLY before materials have been purchased. If I've already bought the fabric and it's not fabric I can justify having for another order, you will not be refunded. If you were on a payment plan and only made the partial payment, this still applies. Please be certain of your order when you place the order. I understand special circumstances but they are incredibly rare.

These are just for popular items. If you have an inquiry about something else that I've made or that you'd like me to make, just ask! There is no buying obligations in getting a price quote and I will NOT hound you for asking and deciding not to buy. I encourage you to shop around and find the best artisan for your needs at your budget.
These are ONLY GUIDELINES. For the specific pony, you still need to note me. The complexity of the mane has to be factored in. For example, Sunset Shimmer only has two colors in her mane but she's incredibly difficult to sew and hence I charge $95 for her for all the extra time she takes.

Floppy/Beanie (12.5" hoof to hoof):
Single color mane-- $75
Double color mane-- $80-$95
Three color mane-- $85-$95
Rainbow mane-- $95

w/ Wings-- +$3
w/ Horn-- +$3


No mane, horn, or wings: $35
Horn or wings: $45
Maned hats: $45+

Pony "blobs" (as seen at my art tables at cons):

Pony cubes:

Heart pillows (16"x13"
Single color mane-- $50
Double color mane-- $60
Three color mane-- $60
Rainbow mane-- $65
Princess-- $75-$85
OCs and obscure background ponies-- $60-$95

"Standard" pony plush and fillies:

Discord parasprite--$65
Non Pony:

Square "face" pillows: $30 each or two for $50
Powerpuff style: $60-$120 (depending on size--standard size:
Catbug hat: $45



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MissDarling23 Mar 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fav! :)
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Vampire-Sacrifice Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could I get an estimate on how much a sandworm plush would cost?  If you're willing to make that again XD
Just trying to put some ideas together, thanks!
PrinceOfRage Mar 27, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Of course! I'd really appreciate the opportunity to try to improve my pattern to make it more sandwormy :) I'll send you a private message.
Vampire-Sacrifice Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YoshiRingo Mar 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Holy cows oh ooooooohhhh! Plushes less than $100! That's a deal there! Most definitely gonna buy a Beany plush from here, nice floppy and soft plush, and at 12" I can't go wrong with that! X3
PrinceOfRage Mar 22, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Well thank you! Just let me know whenever down the road you're interested and I'm happy to work out the details with you!
Thanks for the llama :)
balthazar147 Feb 17, 2014  Student Artist
Thank you for the Llama!
Thanks for the llamaBroken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 
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